Entertainment on the Go With Mobile Phones

One thing I hate more than the long commute to work or school, is doing absolutely nothing and being bored to death during that same long commute. For some people, that might not be a problem at all, but if you are anything like me, you know that you absolutely abhor that feeling of boredom gnawing at your insides. When I am in that situation, I just go to my "happy place", this place specifically being a personal cinema in my head, yes, I love to watch movies, I even tried to bring my portable DVD player to one of these long commutes once but the thing is just too bulky to carry around and even harder to watch with when there is such limited space and a whole lot of people looking at you funny for bringing that bulky thing along, I was forced to surrender to the empty dullness that day. But people with boredom phobia should not worry anymore now; I have found the perfect thing to keep me entertained while stuck in traffic and the long commute. These are the neat little things collectively called as mobile movies.

I am positive that you have heard of these mobile movies once or twice, especially that we are now in the age where everything can be miniaturized and can fit in the palm of your hand or your jacket pocket. These mobile movies are similar to watching back a home video that you have recorded in your phone or digital camera during more exciting times, except that, the mobile movies I am talking about are a wide selection of real movies that have just been recently released, you can choose from just about every movie genre and every title you can think of.

These mobile movies can be downloaded from a bunch of online sites that offer a huge variety of high quality movies that you can view on any of your portable gadgets. Downloading these mobile movies is easy and you can even speed up your downloading rate by choosing files that are compressed, you just have to use another program to "decompress" the movies when you finish your download.

These movie download sites usually charge a small fee for the movie that you want to download, but you will occasionally come across websites with really cheap fees or even free downloads, just make sure that these sites are legitimate and not just another lame and sorry strategy to spread a virus or some kind of spyware program. The films are generally arranged according the genre and a search bar is available if you are not sure about the movie title you are looking for, some sites arrange their movies alphabetically, this is much easier if you know the exact title of the film you are looking for.

After you have completed the download, you can now unpack the zipped file to a separate folder where you store all your mobile movies, once that is done, you can now upload the movie file to a portable player like your iPod, tablet, or any of your favorite video capable mobile phones.

These movies usually come in format like MP4, Xvid, 3GP, or DivX, so you have to make sure that whatever portable you will be uploading them to will be able to support the format, otherwise, you will just end up with a file that is wasting a huge waste of space on your memory card and having a really dull time. Finding a suitable format for your gadget should not be too hard since most manufacturers of these android phones and other smart phones have the same required format for video files.

If you search long and hard enough, you can even find websites that open their selection of mobile movies to the most recently released blockbuster movies so you will have the privilege of watching the films on your portable gadget as soon as they hit the cinemas, now isn't that something to get excited about? You will also find some movie download sites that have great selections of independent films to fill your hunger for creativity, drama, and movies containing deep messages created under a limited budget. So take a stand against boredom, and start filling your dull moments with top of the line entertainment.

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