Entertainment Logos In Web 2.0 - Trends And Styles Of Today

In the rise of the Web 2.0 sites services and capabilities, a lot of online entertainment and media-related businesses and sites are becoming popular, especially with the younger generation. Inevitably, since the web is a visual-dependent marketplace, these sites and companies has paved the way for a more upscale and modern entertainment logo design trend, ready to take on that younger market.

Upcoming entrepreneurs in the business, whose main focus of media is the web, needs to study and evaluate the new trends and styles in logo design. This is especially true for entertainment and media-based companies, as they will be expected to come up with impressive corporate identities and logo images.

Today, some visible trends are already changing the face of the web entertainment industry. Here are some of the latest trend designs:

1.Keyboard Symbols and Punctuations. Incorporated into an effective entertainment logo, it speaks of communication and freedom of expression. These are now firmly rooted in teen speak, emails and IM messaging. They have now transgressed into different media, logos and expressions, always denoting a mysterious viewer-dependent interpretation.

2.Soft Font Styles are a clear and sure way to instantly express familiarity and ease of use. The Skype logo and the MySpace logo are tried and tested examples, making a hip and forceful presentations as dynamic designs. Rounded typefaces from different families of font styles are now the leaders in inserting that friendly, un-edgy quality in entertainment logos.

3.Halves and Reflections. These designs are effective and attractive in all logo approaches, whether they be abstract, typographical or a combination. Slightly faded reflections below the name depicts a clarity that is eye-pleasing. Halves leave a smart and witty impression that leaves the viewer more interest to see the design longer. Its a subtle and well-conceived variation that speaks of modern technology.

4.Futuristic Font Styles are very popular among web media logos. They definitely project an advanced and progressive status that speaks highly of their content as a site or service as a business. Hard edges, high-quality finishing and pixels defines the trend for new and up-coming web companies. Solid, geometric lines are also an element of this trend.

5.Primary Colors are a new trend that is quickly finding its way to large and strong web-based companies. This is evident among entertainment logos like Xanga and Shutterfly. Multiple solid colors like, red, blue, green and yellow are present in minimal and controlled amounts. This trend is a well-established look that echoes the giants Ebay and Google.

6.3D effects are feasible on images, icons, and letters, making them attractive and upbeat logos. Exploring the potentials of 3D is wide and almost limitless; the effects or relief in framed images as well as shadow and lighting in abstract icons are an exploding trend.

As a whole, the shift of the logo trends in entertainment logos are leans toward the burgeoning Web 2.0 sites and connections. This shift is tailor-made to suit tastes and inclinations of the younger generation and as a whole impress the older ones with logo designs that are made in high quality.

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