Entertainment Showdown: Cable and Satellite TV Compared

When it comes to sitting down at one's HDTV and enjoying what's on for the evening, there are choices. People might not realize that these choices extend beyond what is offered up on the channels available, and actually encompass who is offering those channels in the first place. But it's true; there's more out there than mere cable service, and if those in charge of dish companies have anything to say about it, all television viewers who haven't made the shift yet will be won over soon enough.

For anyone who doesn't quite understand why it matters to switch viewing options, it's really quite helpful to look into the world of technology and customer service. These two seemingly unrelated aspects to a company are the reason that so many have leapt in droves from their cable packages and found themselves contentedly using satellite TV to get entertainment at home. A major aspect in the customer service department is the fact that those with a dish can call up the company and actually expect their situation resolved in a helpful manner, since there are just so many more perks that those companies are willing to offer up. Thus, someone who wants a particular package but does not want all of the channels on it can do some swapping and switching, and end up with something that's more of a keeper. This is all accomplished in a rapid fashion with the assistance of whoever is on the other end of the line, something far different than the world of cable.

Where cable is busy telling its customers "no," satellite tv continues to say yes. They approved of the expansion of their high definition channels, which means that they are ahead of the pack as far as channel options are concerned. Since cable was waiting to see if HDTV was just a fleeting trend or not, they didn't make the proper leap on board. And the result was definitely something less than helpful not just for their market share, but for their customer base.

For serious sports fans, it also makes sense to move away from cable and to leap into the welcoming arms of dish-based television viewing. Because it's possible to save money but still pick up one of the numerous package deals that ensures it's never going to be an issue to catch every single moment of a particular team's rise to hopeful glory, there's no reason to stick around with a cable box when it's time for the big game to be on. And for those who are smart enough to go ahead and make that move over to the world of the dish, it's also possible to check out the various other different games happening the same day, or even classic moments in athletics.

So whether it's going to be an afternoon of watching great movies in high quality image variety or simply figuring out the most cost-efficient solution to ensuring the big game is a part of Sunday at home, moving to the world of satellites providing television service directly is definitely the smartest decision for countless consumers and viewers out there.

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