Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc Has Been Producing Hits for Decades

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. is also known as Warner Bros. Pictures or Warner Bros. It is an American production company that produces films and entertainment for television. One of its major subsidiaries is Time Warner, which has headquarters in Burbank, CA and New York City. Some of its other subsidiaries include Interactive Entertainment, New Line Cinema, TheWB.com, and DC Comics. The company started off as a small theater back in the early 1900's and has grown to be a huge multi-billion dollar corporation. It was founded in 1918 as Warner Bros. Studios.

The production company has expanded into many different industries. They have made hit movies for theaters, created DC comics, WB records, and much more. They also have created Time Warner, which is a major cable company. The Warner Bros. hand stretches to almost every aspect of entertainment. They are most known for some of their great hit movies.

They were responsible for hit movies like The Hangover, Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation, and James Bond Never Say Never Again. All of these movies rank on the most viewed list. They were also responsible for the world renowned Harry Potter Series. Harry Potter has been a major character worldwide for over a decade. He has reached the hearts of fans of all ages. The last four Harry Potter movies have made more money at the box offices than any other movie before it. The company really hit the gold mine with the Harry Potter series.

Other movie classics that the successful company have produced include the Wizard of Oz, Looney Tunes, and Batman. They were have been a key role in producing hit movies for our entertainment for over a century now and they are still going strong. Here is a list of some of the new movies to come.

• The Dark Knight Rises
• Terminator 5
• Wrath of the Titans
• Wonder Woman
• Godzilla
• Green Lantern 2
• Inkheart
• Supernatural

Newly released films include Dolphin Tale which is a family film about a young dolphin called Winter who loses her tail in a trap. A young introverted 11 year old boy befriends the dolphin and tries to help her by talking to a pioneering doctor who offers to create a prosthetic tail for her. This will probably be a bit of a tear-jerker like the Free Willy films.

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