Tower Defense Games: Entertainment Unlimited

Tower defense refers to a class of computer games based on real-time strategy. The objective is to stop the enemy from crossing over the map by way of building towers. The enemies as well as towers generally have varied costs and abilities. When the enemy gets defeated, points or money is earned by the player, which can be used by him or her for buying or upgrading towers.

The positioning and choice of a tower is of great strategic importance in the game. Several games feature enemies who have to run across a maze. This enables a player to place the towers strategically for optimal results. However, in some versions, the user is forced to create a maze with the help of their towers. There are also some games, which are hybrid of both such games, i.e. they have features of both these types of games.

These games were introduced in the year 1990, with the release of Rampart by Atari Games. With the release of Final Fantasy VII Fort Condor mini-game in the year 1997 such tower games became a huge hit. With the rise in popularity these developers started making use of Adobe Flash for making tower defense games. This lead to the release of several other tower games, such as the Desk Top Tower Defense, which became a huge hit and even won a Games Festival award. Protector, Immortal Defense, GemCraft, and Plants vs. Zombies are a few other popular games in this category. The ever-growing success of this genre compelled developers to design such games for video gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Tower games are typified by the position of the static units for defending against the enemy units trying to reach a finishing point. There is predefined number of units who are allowed to reach the finishing point. Some tower games make use of a stationary route which is followed by the enemies and around which a player positions his or her towers. Some other games however, allow a user to predefine a path which the enemies take. You can also find games which have a mix of both. In most games, the players are allowed to upgrade their towers.

If you are searching for such games, then there are a number of options that you can think of. As it is, there are several websites on the internet, from where you can download these games. A simple search on the internet would provide you a list of such websites. While many of these websites offer free download, some of them may charge a fee, especially for the advanced versions.

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