Why the Autonomous Google Car Needs a Blow Up Alien Doll in the Driver's Seat

The other day, I was reading that the State of Nevada now allows driverless vehicles, cars which are fully autonomous, to drive on their highways. Of course, there are a lot of stipulations, for instance the vehicle must have a $3 million cash bond in place in case there's an accident in lieu of insurance. After all, I doubt there are very many insurance companies that would wish to insure autonomous vehicle driving through the desert of Nevada.

And I guarantee you a gecko wouldn't want to insure a driverless car, as it might be crossing the road in front of it and get smushed. All though, these autonomous vehicles have been known to dodge desert turtles on the BLM land outside of Barstow, CA and all the way to the border in NV.

Now then, the other day I was discussing this with some fellow think tankers, and we came up with an unfortunate scenario. Okay so, let's say you're driving down the road and you come to a stop sign. You wait to see if the other cars going to go, and it appears to be waiting for you to go. Then you look at the other car, but there is no driver in the driver's seat, so you figure you're going to go. But then you inevitably end up doing what they call a; "Mexican standoff" whereby each vehicle lets the other vehicle go, and then when no one goes they go at the same time and crash into each other.

It happens all the time, and if you drive in Mexico very much, you probably know this can occur. Therefore, the solution would be to put someone in the driver's seat. Of course, that defeats the purpose of having an autonomous vehicle in the first place. So therefore, you can use a mannequin, or why not just get one of those toy blowup alien inflatable dolls? Put that in the front seat, and let the vehicle drive itself around. After all, that would be fine for Nevada, as is that a conspiracy theory about aliens at Area 51.

These alien blowup dolls don't cost that much, you can find them online, and I can remember in my travels picking one up at one of the local shops in downtown Roswell, New Mexico. I think it would be fitting, and it's a nice addition to add to the law in Nevada which allows these driverless vehicles to be on the road. Now then, you might think I'm joking, but I'm really not, although these vehicles will have special license plates, you may not realize that the reason there is no driver in the vehicle, is not because the vehicle is parked at the stop sign with no one in it, but because it drives itself.

Indeed, it already sounds like a spooky movie, and science fiction, but science fiction is now science fact, these vehicles exist, and you will probably see one driving around if you are in Nevada in the next few years. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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