Oh No! A Highly Regrettable Song For an Obstinate Ignorant Dunce

What a pity!
But how could it have happened?
Your teachers must have failed you
But didn't this happen such a long time ago?

But just the same,
Shouldn't you have picked up these lessons
somewhere along the way?
Disregarding the rights of your brethren
is hardly a responsible act

And you know what they say,
What goes around comes around
And it is because of this that you will pay
a very dear price

Come now!
Lying, cheating and stealing will certainly catch up to you
And as simple as my words may seem
eventually you will learn to understand them well

Just who do you think you are, anyway?
Short term gains will begin to leave you
As others begin to learn that toiling for your benefit
always leads to a futile end

Of course other greedy people
will try to stand by your side
But as soon as they understand that they are just
like you they will eventually run and hide
Connections with cronies may appear to be helpful
But corrupt individuals often die by the bullet of a gun

Hasn't history taught you anything?
Eventually you will learn the error of your ways
But by then it will be far too late
Certainly you should be careful of your words
Barbarism and brutality
are the symptom of a demented soul
And it is because of people like you that good people suffer

By now I would have thought that it would have been quite clear
Many of society's gaping wounds are self-inflicted
And it is because of this that some people rarely have a chance to succeed
Oh! How it amazes me how few of us know what it means to be free

The ignorant are always masters of a horrible fate
They need to enslave themselves as they are bound by their jealousy, greed and hate
I wish there was something that I could do
But I know that there is nothing that I can
Whether it comes sooner or later
I know that you will self-destruct

Perhaps I could take pleasure in this fact
But I know that it is much to hard
I know that too many people have been dragged along the way
And their suffering can never be redeemed from your eventual collapse

My only satisfaction may come from the understanding
that sick people will always be here
And evil will always exist
But let us do what we can
Let us help our children
And let them develop healthy minds
so that they can help others to learn and grow

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