Homemade Pedalboard

If you want to make a Homemade Pedalboard, it is simple. A pedalboard really comes down to a piece of wood, some pedals and some cables. The pedals go on the wood, and the cables connect it all together. If your playing in your bedroom and you just need something nice to keep your organized with, you should be able to get it together for about $100. This includes a power adapter daisy chain, and a custom cable kit.

You can purchase a pre-cut piece of wood at your local hardware store for about $10. Just get whatever is the cheapest, but don't get particle board. Gather your pedals and arrange them on the board in a way that feels comfortable. Be sure to keep in mind the effect order, and which effects you want to come before others. get an idea of the final layout and make sure that all of your effects will fit on the board (if they don't, you will need to purchase a bigger board).

I typically start by attaching a cabinet handle to the top of the board for easy transport. These handles can also be purchased from a hardware store for about $3. Measure to the center of the board and make a mark. Then measure the handle from screw hole to screw hole and divide that measurement in half. Use that number to measure outward from your center mark going both left and right and make two more marks in the respective positions. Then cross reference these marks from the edge of the board to make sure that the handle won't be crooked. I usually measure ½" from the edge to each mark and make a cross. Finally, make sure that the final X marks line up with the screw holes in the handle before drilling the holes. Drill straight through the X's and thread the screws for the handle through and into the handle. If the holes are slightly off, you can drill back through them, rotating the drill in a slight circular motion to enlarge the holes (be very carful and gentle when you do this because the drill bit can break).

After you get the handle installed, it's time to install the pedals. I use bike chain links to install my pedals, so I don't have to worry about Velcro sticking to the wood. Take your pedals and remove all the feet, place a bike chain link down, and put the feet back. After you screw everything tight, you can flip the pedals over and screw them down. I usually place all the pedals down first, make small marks where the screws will go, and then drill small pilot holes. Do this for all of the pedals at the same time. Then, cut and fit all of your patch cables and make sure that they will with where your pedals will go.

Now wire up all the pedals and screw them down one by one. After your finished, attach the power adapter daisy chain to all the pedals that need power. Use zip ties to bundle all of the excess cabling together and make everything look nice and your ready to rock!

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