12 Popular Neck Tattoos

Tattoos have been around since the ancient times here, but until a few decades back were associated with every lowlife in society, gang members, jail inmates, wild sailors, rock stars, etc. But now tattoos have made their revival in a big way and it seems everyone wants to have one. Tattooing has become quite popular in the eighteen to fifty year age bracket. Neck tattoos for men have become quite a rage and though quite painful are sported quite commonly. But neck tattoos are not necessarily viewed as sexy or even appealing but a lot of women, some women are turned off by the sight of a neck tattoo. But despite this, some of the coolest and popular neck tattoo designs for men are given below.

1. Cross - Its looks faintly punkish but the grey artistic Celtic crosses sported on the neck look quite attractive. They are small in size but visually a delight.

2. Barcode - Sported at the back of the neck, it is quite a unique design and not easily visible unless wearing t-shirts.

3. Twirling snakes - This gives an edgy and dangerous appeal to the neck. Gangsters usually sport them as do rappers.

4. Jesus on the cross - Sported at the back of the neck, it looks quite sexy and though it has a religious symbolism, most guys tattoo it for looking great usually.

5. Rose - Usually viewed as a girly tattoo, on the right neck, a red rose has a strange romantically masculine theme to it.

6. Skulls - Skulls on the neck are usually colourful to catch the eye, it doesn't necessarily have to macabre but could be cool or even funny.

7. Fire - A gorgeous tattoo to get inked onto the side or back of the neck, colours of red and orange look beautiful and quite masculine.

8. Tribal - A small tribal theme on the side or back of the neck adds up the oomph factor.

9. Gothic - Gothic designs look quite appealing even on people who aren't part of the cult. A sexy gothic skull can add to the person's personality.

10. Zodiac sign - These look quite masculine and sexy when done up in a small size with different hues on it. Some people even prefer to write a few of their attributes related to their sign either with it or on the side.

11. Heart - Bleeding hearts or broken ones look quite masculine and depicts quite a lot about what the view of the person is on love.

12. Nautical star - This is a popular design and can be done on the side or back of the neck, it represents the North Star and you don't necessarily have to be a sailor to get one. It can be in dull blue or grey or bright red, depending on your choice.

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